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Forgotten Voice is a street paper in which homeless and formerly homeless people, as well as homeless advocates, write and produce.  Our mission is to be a voice for homeless people.

To publish a street newspaper written mainly by homeless people, formerly homeless people, and homeless advocates in order to empower them and give them a voice.

To build and enhance a sense of community and facilitate positive communication between homeless people, homeless advocates, service providers, and the general public.

To build awareness of social services that are available to poor and homeless people, and other such information that would be educational to the homeless population.

To expand and redefine our charitable, educational, and literary program from time to time as necessary to meet the continuing need to empower homeless people.

Submission Policy

Forgotten Voice welcomes all submissions in the form of fiction, journalism, artwork, photography, and poetry.  We especially encourage those living on the streets to use this space to debate and discuss issues of poverty, housing, and homelessness.  Forgotten Voice does not support censorship, and the selection of submissions for print will be made based on the quality of a piece, not its viewpoint.  However, Forgotten Voice discourages pieces intended to harass, incite bigotry, or advertise for profit.  Forgotten Voice will not print shortened or edited versions of written submissions without the author’s prior consent.

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