by The Researcher

Free Masons - US government conspiracy mini documentary http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1457385699819054624

This article is for educational purpose only: and will teach you some things that public school never taught you, the government tells the school what to teach you! Always remember, the winners write the history, and the losers write the songs. For best results go to http://www.forgottenvoice.org , but what YOU HAVE TO DO IS discern: (To perceive with the eyes or intellect; detect. 2. To recognize or comprehend mentally. 3. To perceive or recognize as being different or distinct); you need to distinguish things for yourselves.

Wake up America: public school is the beginning of deceit, meaning that when you send your child to school, all you have to do is look at the school sign, for it is a pentagram. Two sides for the walls, two sides for the roof, and one side for the floor. And if you call it anything else on a driver's license test, you will get the question wrong. See this site: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/16/Yellow_school_sign.JPG

Wake up America: You went and voted in the primary election. And you found out what delegates and super delegates are; go to this site to see what they are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superdelegate . In the last general election, you found out about the electro collage, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electoral_College_(United_States) and what that was all about, and exact-ly what your vote counted for! Nothing! That is what your vote counted for. No vote, no voice. This campaigning is nothing but smoke and mirrors. If you would only look up, you would see that it is the Devil's wife, who stands on top of our Capitol building, in Washington, District of Columbia; Definition: Colombia can be anything from a dove to an enterprise (who knew?)

Wake up America: Who is on top of the U.S. Capitol Building? For the answer go to this web site, and see who it is: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8768114400602619096 and this one, http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/6792/persephone26ki.jpg . This next site will show you that Persephone is standing on top of the building where our rules, regulations, and laws are made by congress. Therefore, all of these have to meet her approval, before they can become laws. And because Symbolism, and signs, and insignias have meaning (just like the State Seal has meaning) she has president when it comes to what goes on under her. This site will show you her, as she is today: http://www.tannershot.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/capitol-building-washington-dc.jpg .

They do not light her up at night, for the light dispels, and the operative word is (dis-spels) the darkness, and its secrets, and its mysteries. Here you will see a black statue on top of the U.S. Capitol. The statue is of Persephone (the goddess of darkness,) and for a description go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persephone here it will tell you who she is. She is the Devil's wife. (I know, it was a surprise to me too.) I hypostatize that she is waiting for Satan to return through the pentagram, or pentagon as some know it by. For from where she stands, she is looking directly at the pentagram or pentagon. Nevertheless, you have to use all of the forensic evidence (empirical or real life evidence) to discern your own conclusion.

Wake up America:Washington D.C. seceded from the Union, without as much trouble as the South had when they tried. Nevertheless, George Washington was the primary architect for the topo-graphical map of Washington D. C.. While Alexander Robey "Boss"Shepherd of 1871, Shepherd was able to convince Congress to pass a bill that established the - government he desired. The Territory Act of 1871 merged the various governments in the District of Columbia into a single eleven-member legislature, including two representatives for Georgetown and two for the County of Washington, to be presided over by a territorial governor; the legislature and governor would all be appointed by the President District of Columbia. It was designed by Pierre L'Enfant and became the capital in 1800, (the capital of the United States,) on the Potomac River between Virginia and Mary-land and coextensive with the District of Columbia. In the War of 1812 the British captured and sacked (1814) Washington, burning most of the public buildings, including the Capitol and the White House. Population: 588,000. This is who laid out W.D.C. http://www.freemasonry.bcy.ca/anti-masonry/washington_dc/kite.html and again you will have to discern this for yourselves. For more information on Freemasons go to this site, there are 6, 10min. videos here:







and for information on George Washington go to this site: http://books.google.com/books?id=m3h5yrudbeEC&pg=RA1-PA97&lpg=RA1-PA97&dq=freemason+Andrew+Ellicott's&source=web&ots=dkbrTqmWJh&sig=H4M0DZfzsKfvZ-Q9AWzJE48DHWo&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result#PRA1-PA30,M1 . This is a very good site to learn not only about freemasons, but on how, and why they did the things they did. In part it will tell you about the making of Washington D.C., and who and why it was done; plus, the history of the Knight Templar. To learn more about Freemasonry, watch Freemasonry: From Darkness to Light at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEZmpOk5uSw .

Wake up America: If you look at a topographical map of that area, you will see the outline of the Owl, with the U.S. Capitol in the middle, as the stomach of the Owl; http://img54.imageshack.us/img54/4404/capitolhillowlar9.jpg the same Owl that is worshiped at Bohemian Grove! (I know! I know! It is crazy.) This site will show you what I mean. Where there is smoke, there is fire. This site will also help you to discern what is what: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/imagenes_sociopol/bohemiangrove03_02.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_bohemiangrove03.htm&h=610&w=596&sz=172&hl=en&start=12&sig2=CUP-GWnysj5h0yvdf90UDQ&um=1&usg=__rFcbIZc8BGuhDj5lIHdM00vsLjk=&tbnid=096a0BddzDmTaM:&tbnh=136&tbnw=133&ei=-ubSSIq-LZCksQPQrvjhBw&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dwashington%2Bdc%2Bmap%2Bbohemian%2Bgrove%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DX .

Wake up America: Now we move on to the "Owl" which has great significance with Bohemian Grove in Northern California. This site has Bohemian Grove Owl http://jordanmaxwell.com/articles/religion/images/grove/Owl%20Dollar.jpg , this is where dignitaries from all over the world come and participate in ancient rituals, which have been practiced for millenniums. These sites will expose some of their shenanigans at Bohemian Grove.

Wake up America: Bohemian Grove in Northern California has its meetings every 15 of July, for some details go to this site, this Bohemian Grove is real and you can go there on any July 15, and see it for yourselves. http://video.google.com/videosearch?hl=en&q=alex%20jones%20bohemain%20grove&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wv# .

Wake up America: The Statue of liberty is called Sun Goddess, see this site and discern it for yourselves .

Wake up America: 911 issues are on this web site, that you should take time and educate yourselves with; when a building falls faster than gravity can pull it down, with friction holding it back, there is something with this picture. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=loose+change&emb=0#q=loose%20change&emb=0&start=20 this is one more of the same http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n-nT-luFIw&feature=related .

This site has 29, 10 min clips with more information http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2CVAnRByfg . All of this makes you wonder why all of the steel was sent over to China in such a hurry, for the melting of it. My belief is, scene explosives have specific foot prints. I believe an explosive cord (that cuts steel beams, and has a specific foot print that can be recognized, and tell tall markers that are put in the explosives, so to be identified at a later date) were eliminated.

To learn about the "New World Order," see Alex Jones' EndGame: Blueprint For Global Enslavement at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkgGOFXuYPw .

Remember, all you have to do is discern.

Note: All images in this article are from Google.